Sabbath’s Struggle for “Inner Liberty”

Preparing for a Sunday morning, I am sorry to lose this material on the editing room floor as I finalize my pending sermon. But these words are as relevant today as they were when published in 1951 by the esteemed Abraham Joshua Heschel. He writes how we need the Sabbath to survive civilization.

“Gallantly, ceaselessly, quietly, [we] must fight for inner liberty” to remain independent of the enslavement of the material world. “Inner liberty depends upon being exempt from domination of things as well as from domination of people. There are many who have acquired a high degree of political and social liberty, but only very few are not enslaved to things. This is our constant problem—how to live with people and remain free, how to live with things and remain independent.”

Heschel, Abraham Joshua. The Sabbath

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